Coming Soon: The Inside Story of Wonder Woman’s Creation

By on July 18, 2017

Before Wonder Woman screenings earlier this summer, many theaters showed a 22-second teaser with the text “Ever Wonder?” appearing on the screen and this mysterious dialogue: “Why don’t you write it under your real name?” “I created her, she’s a smash success because of me…” And “I wonder if you’re the one with the secret identity.”

We then got an image of a woman who looks to be in a Wonder Woman costume holding a lasso.

Made you wonder?

Well, wonder know more! The full trailer is out for Professor Marston & the Wonder Women and it looks as sexy and controversial as you might imagine! As you may know, William Moulton Marston created Wonder Woman back in the early 40s with the help of his wife, Sadie Elizabeth Holloway, and their lover Olive Byrne. Wonder Woman reflected their interest in the women’s suffrage movement and in Margaret Sanger, the birth control and women’s rights activist who was also his Ms. Byrne’s aunt.

The early stories in the first Wonder Woman comics contained a mixture of political feminism and bondage & discipline and are thought to reflect the lifestyle Marston, Holloway and Byrne lived at the time.  Historian Jill Lepore describes their lives in her book The Secret History of Wonder Woman

Check out the movie trailer below for Professor Marston & the Wonder Women.

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